A dark shade in one’s life is often brought about by anger. Being angry is normal, not being able to control it may result in long-term-problems.

Some people are aware of the aftermath of anger but they find it very difficult to keep anger at bay. Anger attacks physical and mental health. It weakens one’s personality and invites several problems. Anger is basically a reaction. It is used when things do not happen the way we want them to.So the skill of handling situations, acceptance, patience and understanding is required in such cases.

Ankhee counsels people who are prone to “getting angry easily”, suffer from anxiety attacks and negative feelings. Mutual respect and trust between the counsellee and the counsellor,taking up real life situations,finding out proper ways to combat the problem during the sessions can help to improve things faster and help the counsellee to lead a better life. Therapies are given according to the individual need instead of using the ‘one size fits all’ theory.

Ankhee’scounselling helps to develop a positive approach and handle pressure by saying ‘no’ to fits of frequent anger .