Here are a few feedbacks which have been given. No wording or language has been changed.

Troubled by various issues in life and continuing stress, I was badly looking for someone who could ease the situation with pinpoint solutions. That’s when I discovered “Ankhee Counselling” and made an appointment. Believe me, in the very 1st session itself, she relieved me from the inner turmoil I was going thru’. I felt fresh and retrieved my confidence. Mrs. Ankhee is a wonderful personality to meet with…extremely humble and brings instant good vibes in others meeting her. I recommend everyone to meet her once for a counselling session, if you are longing for a stress-free mind.

-Partha Khan

Thank you so much ma’am…the way you understood what was going on in my mind and the tips you gave for controlling my anger…has helped me alot in my life…now I’m more focused and have started to understand other’s feeling and not getting angry on them on very tiny issues…your counselling has turned me into a more calm and composed human being.

-Aniket Singh

Keep ur face always towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you…this wht i learnt from u she is more like a frnd not frnd she is my inspiration thanks mam for helping me out

-Nikhat Alam

Thank you mam for being there with me in my toughest phase. The best part about you is that you let us speak our heart out and do not judge us. We can be open and talk on any matter from pin to plane.

You let us acknowledge our strengths and work upon our weaknesses. We are treated as if we are friends though you are so senior to us.

Moreover, you are a hand writing expert and you convey us about our personality so clearly. You are doing a wonderful job. Thanking you can never be enough but still thank you mam!

-Vikash Prakash

When I meet her I was on way to depression. One of my friend suggested her name. I went there I had my first session for 2 hours. I told each and every thing about myself to her. I cried a lot. She made me so comfortable that I can trust her and I Shared my feeling. She showed me the right path. After First counseling I felt much better. I started smiling. She gave me some golden rules to be focused and happy. She showed me right path. After that I attended 4 more session and I was out of depression. One most important thing that i was out of depression without consuming any medicine. She is so polite and she knows many techniques to handle the patient. And she will always follow up. I love you Dr. Ankhee.

-Priyamwada Jhinu

I have been in depression from quite a long time. A friend of mine suggested me to go for counselling. Ankhee ma’am really helped me a lot to overcome my problems. The things that used to make me depressed, doesn’t effects me anymore. I started enjoying little things and I am really very happy. I have a problem speaking to unknown person but she made sure I’m comfortable enough to open up and share my problems. She is a very good listener and an amazing guide. She helps to understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Thank you for making me smile again ❤️

-Richa Agarwal

It has been over 3years since I have attended the sessions. They have helped me immensely in overcoming my depression. Her advice was quite valuable and since then, my life has taken a positive turn. There are many counsellors out there, but not everyone is helpful. Her approach is commendable. She behaved more like an elder sister to me, than a professional counsellor, which in turn led to, me, opening up to her.
I would highly recommend people who face similar situations, to consult her. Depression should NOT be neglected and it should be addressed as soon as possible.

Lastly, thank you ma’am for your sincere guidance. I wish you all the best. Keep up the good work. ?

-Amartya Chatterjee

I was in such a depression, then my friend suggest me about ankhee mam, i met her in my school and i shared my problem with her and she gave me a superb solution about it and within some days i found so much of improvement inside me. I am so thankful to her she handle my problems very nicely, she is so sweet as well, i am so much thankful to her that i can’t explain. She knows everything and she is the best physiologist ever.?She is awesome? i am not getting much words to describe her she is just an highly experienced physiologist and amazing as well.?❤️

-Sania Meraj

Thank you for counselling me . Thank you for listening to each and every word of mine when I actually needed to be heard the most. It is after attending your sessions I emerged as a person with a lot of positivity, strength, confidence and belief. Thank you once again . I wish you all the success and keep doing the amazingly great work that you do . In others dictionary counselling has a different meaning but in my dictionary “Counselling = ANKHEE” .. ??

-Karishma Achalla

Thank you so much for giving us a platform where we can share our feeling and experience that we had with you and it is a wonderful having session with you. We went for a counselling but we found there is a feeling in another side .Your patience to listening our problems is just like that we discussing with a friend . Your suggestion do a more to make our life stable. You are like our best friend .Your advice make our life positive turn .
Thanks madam for your guidance

-Prem Shriwastawa

This counselling session was very helpful for me…
Thank you so much Ankhee Di for making things feel much easier which I found difficult before . Your advice helped me alot . I gained much support and strength . Thanks a lot.-

– Ritwik Basak

Ankhee ma’am is an amazing soul with the patience of a saint. I can count on her for guidance and showing me how to deal with my anxiety. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling in life. She makes everything better. ☺

– Faatimah Aftab Quazi

I met Ankhee almost a year back. I went to her for my 12 yrs old daughter on school’s recommendation. I was overwhelmed to see how easily she solved my daughter’s problem.
She is one of the best counsellor in Kolkata.i highly recommend her.

– Paramita Cowdhury

It is wonderful experience, my stress level has come down i feel relieved after talking to you, it is best decision of my life coming to her and taking guidance from her.
I would advice everyone to once visit her its definitely a life changing experience as best part about mam is we can speak whatever we feel, i would always look forward to mam
She s defintely a gem of person
Thank you mam for always giving me your best advises.

– Heena Bahrunani

I felt healed and it helped me to revive my better self. It was a wonderful experience I felt relieved a lot after few sessions.

– Aman Chohan

lucky charm of my life i would say…everything got changed after meeting ankhee di..she is a fabulous person and she made me feel very comfortable and positive and made me live a new lyf altogether…what i m today is all becoz of her..mentally strong,positiv,satisfied and happy….no one can b depressed after meeting her..she is the solution of all kinds of depressions peopl r facing….her each sessions was excellent,meaningful and hlpful…THank U so much for your support and help and the guidance you have given me…THANK U SO MUCH..

– Roma Bhatia

Ankhee mam has helped me to become a better person and has given me such a wonderful platform to express my views and thoughts. She has always been a keen listener and helped me out not as a counsellor but as an elder sister with much affection .

– Paulomi Dey

When i count my blessings,I count her twice !She helped in many ways possible when I was going through a mess.She is a complete sweetheart and believe me you would feel relieve telling her your problems and the best thing is that her solutions arent out of the box.
even now every little thing i feel like asking for her advice.
Thank You for being an angel in disguise.

-Riddhi Roy

I took my son to her for counselling for his improvement in his studies , after the first session itself my son showed increased interest in his studies, and her advice has boosted his concentration. Thanks Ankhee.

-A.S.Md. Mussa