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Ankhee’s writing for help to overcoming depression, anxiety and related illnesses.

What is ‘S.A.D.’?

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MENTAL health issues can occur in any form. Most of us think that it covers depression and anxiety related disorders only. Mental health issues covers a broader spectrum and each feature is distinct where the cause may vary but the symptoms might match. Amidst the cacophony, rat race, phone notifications [...]

Why Therapy

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In a fast moving, uber connected world our minds are somehow unmasked. The pandemic has indeed taught us many things. We now know about uncertainty and insecurity . 'Covid hit' people also often complain about brain fog. The phase did not us take to office but brought office home through [...]

Mental Health Life

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We all have been reading about mental health care almost everywhere . The problem is, we hardly apply it in our daily lives. Hence, a reminder. About 56 million Indian have depression and about 38 million Indians have other mental health issues. Earning well, travelling, an established career where we [...]

Post LOCKDOWN phase

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Covid anxiety has encompassed our mind and many a times we feel anxious for things that have no relevance to us. Our lifestyle has undergone a change, so has the mental set-up. As estimated, 2.6 billion people across the globe (which is one-third of the world population) are facing some [...]

Why Counselling??

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We all know that facing any kind of problem is a part of our life and most of the times they are curable since the solution lies within us. We feel that the way we grew up, all our talents and support, our genetic predisposition is enough to allow us [...]