In today generation, counselling play an important role. If you are looking for Child Counselling in Kolkata for your children then this is the right place. Ankhee is a counsellor in Kolkata who helps the children to overcome stress, trauma, anxiety, behavioral problems and also helps them to perform well in examinations. With the passage of time it has been witnessed that the new age demands a bit ‘more than usual’.

When we all were growing up, things in school and at home were different. Now every reputed institution has a counsellor to take care of the students’ mental health. This has surely emerged due to the increase in the suicide rates in teenagers, disintegration of joint families and ‘fast and competitive lives’ in cities.

Many a times, as Counsellors we come across questions like “Why was a class four kid here for Counselling?”

The answer is simple. They too have problems.

Counselling (the talk therapy) helps. Being a part of different schools of the city, I feel children have problems which are often curable through counselling. Children attend counselling sessions. If needed, whenever situation arises-their parents are called to attend the sessions.

Children say that they are ‘stressed‘. They also believe that all their secrets cannot be shared with their best friends. At times, the teachers send them for counselling when there are issues regarding conduct disorder and social maladjustment.

Few factors to be considered are as follows:

  • Holistic development of children demand a healthy surrounding and proper child rearing practices.
  • Sometimes the child’s level of academic performance is different from the parents’ expectation.This results in conflicts and leads to over pressurisation.
  • “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Either the children are involved in too many activities-that they have no time to study or they are told to study the entire day without participating in any activity- which leads to monotony.The child’s capacity to manage things must be considered and accordingly his routine must be set.
  • Lack of positive reinforcement, exposure,trust tends to weaken the parent-child relationship.Care must be taken before things worsen.
  • Teachers, parents and counsellors (if the child is being counselled) must be in touch with each other.
  • Choice of proper subjects and good friends also play an important role in the child’s life.
  • Sibling rivalry,peer pressure, being reprimanded in public regularly, being compared to other children every-time often demotivates the child.
  • Some sincere students set unrealistic goal and develop excessive fear during exams.Their effort is marred when they are unable to write or think due to exam fear in the examination hall.
  • Proper diet and exercise, group living and activities, healthy and happy families ensure progressive mental health.
  • Counselling children  in school or in the chamber is enriching and interesting.

Children with different problems visit our chamber. They might not be too comfortable with the ‘concept of Counselling’ or at times they feel they can resolve their own problem.After building a rapport and developing a trust in the counsellor through verbal and nonverbal communication-they open up.The Counselling session proceeds according to the nature of the problem and the response of the child.

The main aim of Child Counselling is to study the root cause of the child’s problem,work on it to annihilate it,instill hope and confidence and help the child to do well in future.