Depression is too heavy a word to be used for sadness. Sadness is a response to an incident  or event  when one feels bad. Let’s say, a father’s scolding  can make the son sad. If one loses one’s precious belongings,it may lead to sadness. A study in Belgium found  that  compared to 27 other positive and negative human emotions, sadness lasts 240 times longer.

Depression is different.  It incorporates a variety  of  negative moods and behavioral changes. It ranges from a minor feeling of melancholy to a deeply negative view of the world.

It can be dysthymic disorder or a major depressive  episode  (types of depression). Depression is an emptiness, an unseen pain or a feeling of nothingness. The one who is depressed is on a slow method of self destruction. A persistent feeling of negativity makes depression one of the cruelest of all illnesses. Depression is called ‘Vishada’ in ayurvedic and yogic scriptures. It can hit people irrespective of their financial status, age and educational background. Depression impairs ones’ ability to live happily.
The World Health Organisation(W.H.O.) states that by the year 2030,depression will be the leading cause of ill health worldwide.
Some of the common signs and symptoms of depression include:

* Gloomy personality
* Feeling of negativity
* Lack of productivity and low energy
* Eating disorder
* Sleep disorder
* Constant feeling of tiredness
* Inability to take proper decisions
* Change in body weight
* Psychomotor agitation
* Pain in the body without any cause
* Unjustified negative interpretation of events
* Loneliness

Ways to heal

1) A strong support system-
Saying  ‘cheer up’ to a person suffering from depression can be brutal if it was that easy, they wouldn’t have suffered from depression for so long. The family members and friends of the one who is depressed must be supportive,understanding and patient listeners.

2) Acceptance-
The person suffering from depression must learn to accept that depression is as normal as anything else and must take  steps to cure himself/herself. Denial,questioning  and avoidance  can create  problems  in the future.

3) Food and lifestyle-
Food rich in Omega 3 ,Folic acid ,Vitamin B6 , Vitamin D and Magnesium can help to beat depression. Exercising,walking and meditating are equally helpful. Being in the midst of nature (which releases negatively charged ions) help to cure depression.

4) Counselling –
The above mentioned points are helpful and consulting a counsellor helps to heal faster and in a better way. Through the counselling sessions,the counsellor ensures a recovery and instills positivity helping  the counsellor to say ‘Goodbye’ to depression.

Depression is deadly. If one is suffering  from  depression,  care must be taken  to  bring the person  out of it. It must be understood that transformation is possible. Habit of positive thinking is the finest method of mental healing and the counselor helps the counsellee to develop it.