Ankhee provides Treatment for anxiety and depression. Today depression has become a part of our lives.Various situations make us depressed and depression covers a variety of negative moods and behavioural changes.While some are normal mood fluctuation others are clinical problems.The mood change may be temporary or long lasting.It may range from a minor feeling of melancholy to a deeply negative approach towards life.Major depression can be life threatening,at times it makes one feel suicidal.

Depression can be of various types. It can be dysthymic, clinical or bipolar disorder. In most cases the symptoms are overlapping. Depression is caused due to various factors like-genetic factors, age, brain chemistry and life events.

Symptoms of Depression

  • The depressed person stops deriving materialistic pleasure and develops a gloomy personality
  • Difficulties with eating(either poor appetite or over eating)
  • Difficulties with sleep
  • Difficulty in concentrating and decision making
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Low opinion about oneself
  • Weight loss even when the person is not dieting (change in more than 5% of the body weight every month)
  • Fatigue and inability to think clearly

Depression Counselling

Anxiety and Depression counselling helps the client to express his emotions, make sense of experiences that are confusing and distressing. A counsellor is not a magician or he does not carry a manual of easy solution,instead he relies on patiently working through the various issues brought by the client.Counselling recognizes the vulnerability of each client seeking help,which places the counsellor in a very important position. Counsellors respect the client’s point of view even when they appear to be absurd to the entire world. Counselling gives the counsellee the opportunity to think and feel about himself in a new way. In the counselling process there is an expectation of confidentiality.

During the counselling session the client is encouraged to express his emotions, views, feelings and thoughts. By discussing the important issues, the counsellor helps him to understand his problem and cope up with the them. It is mostly during ones teens or early adulthood one has the first bout of depression.The family members and friends may fail to understand the depressed person’s situation. Apart from the daily stress, anger, shame, fear, frustration and guilt are a few emotions associated with depression. With every session the counsellee explores his skills to fight depression. Counsellor is the one in front of whom the counsellee can vent out his pent up emotions.

For a toothache if one can rush to a dentist, for a stomach ache if one goes to a doctor, there is no harm if one goes for counselling when one is depressed. Since depression is connected to ones mind,mood and ones entire system-it is important to cure it at an early stage before things worsen.

Ankheecounselling is experienced in working with ones suffering from depression and supports and guides the counsellee so that he can fight depression. Ankhee counselling deals with various underlying causes of depression that are left unaddressed.