Ankhee is an experienced doctor providing family and relationship counseling – book an appointment from best marriage counselling doctors in city. In recent years marital and family relationship have been studied intensively by the contemporary behavioral scientist. An increase in the divorce rate has shown that people have become disenchanted with marriage. Traditional marriage and family norms have been challenged by various social groups. Married couples are giving priority to the fulfillment of psychological needs rather than the traditional needs like financial security or having children. Lack of marital adjustment, physical and mental torture, trying to justify ones role, incapability to surrender in an argument, faulty communication are the major problems that arise in ones married life and it leads to stress and damages the relationship. In order to resolve these issues and get back to normal married life and be a happy couple, both the husband and the wife resort to marriage counselling.

MARRIAGE COUNSELLING is a specialized form of family counselling. Marriage counselling applies psychological principles and techniques for the purpose of modifying interpersonal conflicts. The counsellor deals with interpersonal dynamics (thoughts, feelings and actions).

During marital counselling , Ankhee discusses the problem with the married couple for which the distortion of their marriage has taken place. Sessions at regular intervals helps the couple to find solutions and bridges the gap. The couple’s satisfaction leads to the counsellor’s success. Instead of taking hasty decisions, being impatient and moving towards  divorce-one must resort  to counselling.