Ankhee Counselling offers the option to do online counselling via audio or video communication softwares such as whatsapp and skype.

Ankhee  counselling is easily accessible to all those who wish to use it. There are many people who can benefit from online counselling. For example, individuals residing in rural or remote areas can benefit the use of online therapy. Those that are physically disabled or unable to leave their home can also easily access such services with little inconvenience as well as those that have visual and hearing impairments.

Online counselling has also shown to be effective in encouraging children and teenagers to receive therapy as they seem to be more comfortable with using the internet. Anyone who has access to the internet can make use of such services at their convenience.

For those individuals who are not sure about therapy or who may be uncomfortable with traditional models of therapy, may find online counselling more suitable. It has been found that online therapy is preferred by those who are uncomfortable with talking face to face with someone about their problems or who are suffering from social phobias, agoraphobias or anxiety disorders.

If you feel that you wish to do Online Counselling, Please follow the steps below.