Ankhee is an experienced counselors from Kolkata offering Couple Counselling in order to restore respect, affection and love. Find how this Couples Therapy can help you out. Human relationships are always characterized by ups and downs, and marriages are not an exception to the rule. Every couple comes with its unique difficulties and challenges, most of which is amicably handled through open conversation and free interaction. However, when communication becomes a problem, the stability of a marriage faces a severe threat. In situations where conversation becomes an issue, couples therapy often comes as a solution to strengthen the bond between the partners, and to renew the love and affection in the relationship.

Experienced Relationship Counselling in Kolkata

Every marriage begins with a ‘honeymoon period’, during which the couple feels perfectly content in each other’s company. Conversation flows smoothly between the partners in this phase, and an overall atmosphere of wholesome love characterizes the relationship. However, with the passage of time, the stress and strain of everyday life get to the couple, as the gloss of the honeymoon period begins to disappear. Communication becomes severely hampered as small fights often escalate into huge issues, and the partners withhold affection in order to change the behavior of the other. In these cases, couples therapy through Ankhee Counselling can restore the love and attraction in the relationship between the partners, which would last way beyond the temporary honeymoon period.

How the Couples Therapy Help You?

Ankhee provides couples Counselling to partners in disturbed marriages on the basis of the Gottman method, which is backed by more than forty years of research by expert psychologists. Ankhee provides its clients with effective relationship advice, which would permanently destroy the vicious cycles of miscommunication and resentment between couples. Through the well-researched methods of couples therapy, Ankhee ensures that the partners become better friends so that they can understand and address each other’s needs, and support each other’s hopes and desires.Based on the methods established by Dr. John and Dr.Julie Gottman, who have painstakingly collected data from over 3000 cases, Ankhee ensures that the couples reach a greater degree of intimacy and proximity with each other, thereby reducing conflict and psychological distance.

Ankhee provides couples counseling to partners in a variety of formats, including premarital counseling, in which the partners are advised on communication and compatibility prior to marriage, so that they can have a peaceful and healthy relationship. Ankhee also guides couples through turbulent times in a marriage through the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work workshops, which rejuvenate the relationship between couples, reminding them of the little things that made them fall for each other at the beginning of their marriage. These workshops may be attended by couples regardless of the fact whether they have a challenging marriage, as it facilitates better communication between partners and helps them in rediscovering the love of the honeymoon period. Ankhee  also provides its clients with intensive therapy sessions, in which the partners are engaged in specially customized programmes that may require over 8 to 16 hours at a stretch. In these long periods of counseling interspersed with specific activities aimed at relaxation and enjoyment, the couples feel refreshed as they regain their enthusiasm for the marriage.

Couples therapy has multiple benefits for people, especially those who seek to put in a little extra effort to make their marriage work. Thus, in moments of crisis, couples therapy provides partners with gentle guidance in the direction of a happy relationship.