When we cannot cope up with the responsibilities, duties and challenges in our daily lives, we usually say that we are stressed.

Our tolerance level ,coping skills, defense mechanisms (used and applied by us )often determine our response to different situations.We are busy,there is no time to balance everything properly.We tend to miss out on the good things life has to offer.

Stress also results in health hazards. Though we know taking up stress is detrimental to our health, we are encompassed by stress till we reach a point where it also starts affecting our relationships and professional life.

Ankhee’scounselling offers a comfortable space where the counsellee is free to vent out about his/her stressed life and the factors leading towards their high level of anxiety. Ankhee, in a non-judgemental and emphatic way, offers counselling sessions and within a few sessions the counsellee is confident enough to manage stress.