Ankhee is associated with various renowned schools and colleges of Kolkata. There are school students and college goers who visit her chamber for counselling. She says that while dealing with the young ones it is important to look at the problem from their frame of reference.

A six years teaching experience also helps Ankhee to read the minds of the young ones and interact with them freely. While dealing with students, parental counselling is also held as and when required. Peer pressure, competition, suicidal tendencies, loneliness, inferiority complex, poor academic performance, behaviour problems, social maladjustment are some of the common issues for which students come for counselling.

Ankhee has also conducted various programmes on ‘Life Skills’ and ‘Self Awareness’ in different schools. College goers often feel that at their age ‘Life becomes for complicated’ and counselling has helped them to lead a well balanced life.

Ankhee ensures that the child feels comfortable before the counselling sessions begin .She feels it is important to understand the youth in order to develop a connection with them. Handling the students and helping them- playing an important role in their lives for their holistic development – is surely one of the ‘feel good factors’ for her.