You are in a world where hypocrisy is so common.

Venomous eyes, plastic smiles and hearts greased with malice. If things go wrong at home, you are worried. If there is a slight feeling of discomfort at your work-place, you try to digest as much as you can since ‘a protest’ might be detrimental to your promotion.

How to stay positive when someone put you down

Criticism and negative comments pull you down. People jeer at your failure. This upsets you more.

Some people are rude, they try to mangle your image for reasons unknown. STOP ALLOWING THEM TO DO SO. If you have faith in your talent, any company will be ready to hire you. Please take special care of your self-respect.

Let sadism be plagued and do not stop nurturing your ‘ever positive soul’. Your well wishers have the right to reprimand you, check you when you go wrong but if someone is trying to derive pleasure by putting you down at every point….


  • Ignoring would be a temporary relief. While you try to ignore and pretend that everything is fine, a major part of your mind will be occupied by negative thoughts.
  • Let this pain, this supressed anger be re-directed to help you to perform well. Make it tough for people to find faults in you. Even if they do, they must know that they are dealing with a ‘perfectionist’.
  • Do not argue or use any defense mechanism when you know that you are wrong. Learn from your mistakes and shine.
  • We all have a ‘spark’, we just need to realise it!
  • Close your door for those relationships which turn toxic.
  • While self assertive behaviour is helpful, self-doubt at every point can bungle things. The way you react should always be based on the type of situation you face.
  • Trusting the wrong person must not lead to sobbing. It must lead to ‘lessons’ which help in making big decisions in life.You are in charge of your own happiness. Your confidence must allow positivity to reign. Count on your strength and work on your weakness.

External issues must not disturb your internal peace.