MENTAL health issues can occur in any form. Most of us think that it covers depression and anxiety related disorders only. Mental health issues covers a broader spectrum and each feature is distinct where the cause may vary but the symptoms might match.

Amidst the cacophony, rat race, phone notifications – we all try hard to stay happy yet something or the other affects us to take away a bit from our “positive approach towards life “. Weather creates an impact on human mind. For some, a season is pleasant and enjoyable, for a few this might not be the case. When we say S.A.D. , we mean seasonal affective disorder. Most of us might be feeling the impact of the gloomy weather on our mood on cold winter days . Winter might not be comforting to everyone .
One may be disturbed for no reason, sobbing with the onset of monsoon. There might be chances of seasonal affective disorder. Some might feel anxious in summer months. This kind of depression or mood disorder is known as SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER. Incase if something untoward happens while a person is going through SAD, mild depression now can last beyond the season and also snowball into a major depressive episode.

The common symptoms are : lack of sleep, lesser productivity, eating disorder, excessive negative thoughts , less energy to perform anything, not feeling good mostly, giving up activities which a person liked doing earlier. Restlessness and negative thoughts are also evident. Medication (if needed), counselling and in winter exposure to light – might help to recover. Proper self care routine also works well in these cases.

SAD is not just a mood swing. The change of weather surely plays a role in human mind. If proper care is taken, recovery is certain.