In a fast moving, uber connected world our minds are somehow unmasked.
The pandemic has indeed taught us many things. We now know about uncertainty and insecurity . ‘Covid hit’ people also often complain about brain fog. The phase did not us take to office but brought office home through our little screens and somehow there were cases where relationships broke and somewhere they crossed the rough patches to withstand emotional erosion.



The question is –
Has counselling or therapy taken the front seat?
Have people started taking mental health issues seriously?
The answer is Yes. The need to attend counselling sessions is not new, just that the destigmatization part is on.
Many young people from orthodox background have opted for therapy and counselling with the consent of their elders. Be it marital issues or break up, depression or a job loss – therapy has helped people. The most important part of our lives – mental health is now the concern of many people who have realized that we will survive well not only when our body works but also when our minds work well.
Counselling is all about talking therapy and it has nothing to do with medication. The counsellor can refer the counsellee to a psychiatrist only if his or her case demands that intervention surely with the consent of the counsellee. The sessions are flexible in terms of mode and timing with any counsellor and being confidential is an ethical norm the counsellor keeps in mind . The counsellor is absolutely non judgemental and this surely adds to the comfort level of the counsellee while at times he or she feels the entire world is judging him or her. A good therapist terminates the session post resolution of the issue with which the counsellee had seeked guidance so therapy is not a life long process. The counsellor’s job is to strengthen the counselee’s mental ability and not to weaken it . It is good to ask for help before things worsen. This is what many have understood and opted for therapy .
Celebrities too have opened up about their phases of depression and panic attack and now the entire concept of mental health issue is not outlandish. Anyone and everyone can opt for therapy. It does not determine that one is a social victim or an object of sympathy if the person is taking therapy sessions. Sone therapists have keep their fees flexible or negotiable so that people from all walks of life can afford therapy.
Choosing a proper therapist who has proper credentials and experience is of course important.

So we are broadening our horizons, spreading awareness and opting for the right thing for us. Just like it is dentist for good teeth, it is a therapist and healthy lifestyle for sound mental health.

-Ankhee Gupta