Wake up… after a break up!

Break up-a unique phase-most of us have faced it at some point of our lives.Some have the confidence to face and fight while others lock themselves up in a dark room and sob.Initially, in a relationship everything appears to be perfect.There is a strong feeling or constant regard for and dedication towards someone.’Love’ is prioritised while other thing-work,family,studies,friends-take a back seat.If things last and take a proper shape,people go ahead and enter into the sacred bond of marriage . In case if things go wrong, the relationship is buried and we call it a break up.

There can be various reasons for a break up. The common ones are-trust issues,over possessive nature, family problems,difference of opinion in almost everything,boredom,compatibility issues and unrealistic expectations.Narcissism often leads to lack of true intimacy in various relationships. Having a break up is not important but handling and managing things after a break up is.People who find it difficult to accept that they had a break up,often suffer from depression. It is very important to be an optimist and feel that a relationship( no mater how important it was) cannot be the end of one’s life. A sense of self worth often helps.One must think it this way ‘If he or she could not understand my love, I am not at fault’…The jilted lover must not blame himself or herself,they must consider themselves lucky for not having married each other and leading a life full of regrets.

Spending more time with the family members, talking to a close friend, attending counselling sessions, doing things to keep themselves busy and travelling can surely help after a break up.Focusing on one’s career is also beneficial in the post-break- up-stage.One must be  mentally strong.It is important to broaden ones horizon.One must not jump into conclusions like “men are bad” or ‘women are dangerous”. After all breaking of the wave cannot explain the whole sea.

Even if it looks tough,one must not give up and must get back to his or her normal life. Relationships do not come with guarantee cards,it is not necessary that every love relationship has a happy ending.Care should be taken that one’s past should not ruin his or her future.