A sudden change in life pattern has a strong  impact on us- physically,  mentally, emotionally and socially. During this lockdown, physical boundaries and lack of mental ventilation has kept us brooding and everything might appear boring. Hovering negative thoughts might be normal. But we tend to forget that these days can be made use of in the best way.
 Here are a few things to combat confinement- stress and stay mentally stable :
•  If the number of death rates, positive cases (about the virus) is taking a toll on your mind, practice ‘gadget distancing’. Use your phone, watch the television, check facts and statistics but maintain a gap by keeping the phone away for a few minutes at intervals – this reduces your anxiety level.
•  If you are used to evening walks or gym which is not possible now , resort to exercise, stretching, meditation and yoga at home. These help to secrete endorphins, the ‘happy hormones ‘.
•  There must be a hobby which you might have given up for your busy schedule, this is a wonderful time to revisit them! Engage in productive and creative activities at least thrice in a week to nurture your mental health.
•  Rebuild your social circle.  This is the time for verbal interaction with family members and strengthening your immediate circle. It is surely a feel good factor.
•  Long  working hours and  swift weekends! Now is the time for self-care, hair and body care, time to de-clutter the places you always wanted to! Pull out an old family album or a diary of memories.
•  This is the time for prayers, music, self-analysis and care for humanity in general. Things practiced during this time can reap benefits in the future.
So, please keep following these. Stay home , stay healthy but don’t panic. Just make use of the days you are spending indoors. Physical health care and mental health care will make things easier and better. Proper thoughts and actions always help one to lead a mentally healthy and a well balanced life .