Covid anxiety has encompassed our mind and many a times we feel anxious for things that have no relevance to us.

Our lifestyle has undergone a change, so has the mental set-up. As estimated, 2.6 billion people across the globe (which is one-third of the world population) are facing some kind of lockdown due to this pandemic . This surely results in the secondary epidemic in the form of stress related problems and issues. The fear of being infected , excessive risk of losing the loved ones and facing financial hardship is draining people emotionally. To add to this, child abuse, domestic violence, incessant arguments within the domestic set-up is adding to the existing pile of stress and negativity. Now since lockdown has comes with certain flexible timings and relaxations, people must be going by the DO’S AND DON’TS. Here are a few points to be kept in mind:

•Getting back to work is a positive sign and care must be taken that one maintains social distance and hygiene right after leaving the house.

•Overloading oneself with work after a long gap can have an adverse effect. Taking up work bit by bit allows mental ventilation and makes things easy without inviting fatigue. The body needs time to get into the new system and timing.

•Since one was locked up in the house for a while, post-lockdown, over-socializing in order to compensate is not a wise decision. The risk of the virus still prevails. Being infected for being irrational is easy!

•One must travel with a purpose for a few weeks from now (official trips, urgent visits). Jaunts and holiday plans can wait. Apart from travelling, there are other ways to come out of stress which can be applied.

•If one feels that post-lockdown, he or she has mental health issues or if they have aggravated; one must consult a therapist or a counsellor before things worsen.

•A very positive bent of mind will help to restart one’s business or get back to their desk job. Instead of resorting to anxiety and negativity, one must focus on planning, saving and investing wisely. Thinking about loses of the past and effect of lockdown on finance will only weaken mental health. So , having a future oriented vision will be helpful.

•Many of us have started pursuing our hobby, taken up buried activities again during this lockdown. While some have restarted playing the guitar, painting or cooking others have got connected with old school friends through video calling. This might not happen on a regular basis post- lockdown , the frequency might vary but these ‘happy activities ‘ must be there in the weekend schedule as they release stress.

•Diet, sleep and health must be taken care of. Proper stress management heals various problems in life! Post lockdown, each one should be as careful as they were during the lockdown.

•A ‘survivor ‘s strength ‘ must be acknowledged. The ones who have faced this pandemic and are still surviving, show that they have adequate mental strength which uplifts their confidence and the ability to face tough times allowing them to face and win any kind of situation. A moral boost is the need of the hour.

Anxiety comes with a baggage of emotional hazards. So mental and physical hygiene along with safety measures and a positive approach shall surely help post lockdown. The second half of the year 2020 will treat us the way we deal with it. Let us face things and continue with our work, with a hope that someday – everything will be fine.