For all those who were attacked by some kind of crisis at some point of their lives, they must have realized that tough times bring out the best in us. The modified version of the better us are active when days are hard to deal with.

Be it pandemic which has hit us globally in terms of health, money, lifestyle and mindset or any kind of loss in terms of relationship, be it war or any personal issue which has forced us to groan and left us in pieces, once we are able to rise after facing everything- there is no ‘threat’ we are scared of. The famous saying is really applicable here “when one has accepted the worse, he does not have the fear of losing anything “.
Happiness is surely a ‘skill and not a blessing’. It is ‘choosing to maintain inner calm despite the adversities in the external world’. Even if things are not perfect, things dont operate the way we want them to, we can choose to be happy. Dependence on external factors to search for happiness can be exhausting and never ending.

Invitation to stress, mental health issues, sour ways of looking at things around – can debilitate the mind. Acceptance can be a powerful tool . Cerebral complaints will always lead to dissatisfaction in some way or the other. One doesn’t have to be a saint to lead a life free from worries. One’s proper approach towards life is enough. We exchange messages with the quote LIFE IS A ONE TIME OFFER! The question is, do we follow it?
We react to things as if we will be here for 100 long years. The truth is , no one knows if he or she will see the sun the next day. So every breath taken, every thought, every word must radiate positive energy and keep one going .

We all might not have the same coping skill. Our challenges are different. Our games are differently played but it is important to check that no matter what, we have learnt something from what live has offered us and have been able to survive and smile showing that incidents are weaker than individuals.