We all have been reading about mental health care almost everywhere . The problem is, we hardly apply it in our daily lives. Hence, a reminder.

About 56 million Indian have depression and about 38 million Indians have other mental health issues. Earning well, travelling, an established career where we are in a retrace and mental health is never taken care of gives rise to various mental health issues.

It becomes important to keep a track of how important it is to stay happy. One cannot choose to be sad every time or react in a negative way to every situation. After achieving or reaching one’s goal, peace of mind is to be taken into account. Unmet expectations often lead to frustration. Indirectly forcing others to see things from our perspective ruins relationships. Small things become issues of great concern at times only because our tolerance level has depleted over the years and running with an urge to manage and balance everything ultimately drains us. Social media often nudges us to see how incompetent we are and leads to self-defeating thoughts.


So, it is not about running away from responsibilities but taking up pressure that is manageable. Proper sleep needs to be prioritized and that also marks that we have good health. Socializing adds to the list of goodness. Meeting up close people once in a while to laugh out loudly is a great thing to do , it helps in secreting happy hormones. A weekly or a monthly planner can be a saviour to keep stress at bay. Spending time in nature, a few minutes in a green patch helps to heal from within. Reading positive quotes and applying them in real life is helpful. Too much of jealousy, hatred and anger towards others also invites mental health issues. Talking to a friend, confidant or a counsellor/therapist when required is beneficial . Taking up creative activities on weekends soothes the mind and breaks monotony.

These tips are easily applicable. Let us realise that mental health needs to be treated well if we need a smooth life. Adding more smiles to life is an enriching factor .