A simple way to say No to Stress, find out how to deal with stress in personal life and how to control it.  The word ‘stress‘ carries the four  important letters ‘rest’. However in this world we do not have time for the latter. We say we are stressed when we fail to handle the pressure of our day to day lives.Children are stressed because of their tuition classes and the competition they face in class, incase of housewives it is believed that they take care of the entire family without fulfilling their own demands and so they are stressed,men again have their work at office which is so demanding..so we all have more STRESS and no time to REST.


Even when we are free,doing nothing-we devote time to a few stressful thoughts like “how many people have praised my new picture in the social media?what if my wife gets to know that I am cheating on her? and the list is long.So  expectations and calculations​ make life so complicated!As a result we soon meet despair,pain and frustration.
Another thing that bothers us at times is ‘why should I surrender when I wasn’t wrong?’…We fail to realise that even if we do not surrender,we will not be awarded in any way.We are not ready to give up at any cost as if we had sworn to win every argument..In order to pacify things if we can realize our mistakes and just give up WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?

  • How could my boss behave like that just because I was late?
  • My husband did not inform me before going out with his friends. How could he?
  • Nowadays my friends don’t take me out. Why are they behaving like this?

These questions are harboured in our minds.The answer to these is ‘SO WHAT?’..As it is we have busy schedules and hectic lives,now should we spend more time on these negative thoughts? So allowing our so called ‘ego’ to take a higher stature we feel others should always ‘come up to’ us and maintain good relationships with us.

A little bit of ‘sorry my fault’ ‘it is ok’ ‘no problem’ ‘you think it’s my fault..well let‘s sit and talk about it’ can mend so many things. Let us be good listeners as well, let us take out time to consider or respect the other person’s views as well.Shouting, crying and cursing can never save us in any way. At times we open our arms and invite stress-we cannot digest the fact that at times  we might have ‘bad days’. When others think we are wrong,we try to explain and justify.The people who are stress-free,the ones who believe in sheer optimism never fail to radiate happiness and so they easily attract others.

It is indeed surprising to know that even when people go out on holidays they are not relaxing,they are finding proper backdrops for ‘selfies’..

Let us be PRACTICAL,POSITIVE, PATIENT AND PEACEFUL and get rid of PAIN,PANIC AND PROBLEMS.The moment we stop comparing ourselves to others,we stop expecting too much from others-life will be simpler