When I was small, my grandmother told me about evil eye and being struck by it. Decades later I realized that she was talking about negative vibrations. Our surrounding has both positive and negative vibrations. We ourselves carry them,we emit them.

We vibrate at a high frequency when we are happy, smiling, helping, sharing caring and loving. When we resort to anger, jealousy, hatred and selfishness -we vibrate at a lower frequency. So it is important to take care of our vibrations. When we cannot allow dust and dirt inside our house,how can we enjoy having negative things in our minds,in our lives? Negativity can be contagious. For example when we argue with someone who is prone to arguing for small things, we enter his/her realm of negativity. He/she has nothing much to lose but we deplete our energy.

People suffering from frustration keep complaining and are susceptible to fault finding and demotivating others.Their captious nature often affects us. This level of negativity can be pernicious. It might be hard to avoid them if they are our relatives or colleagues so minimum level of interaction with them is the solution. If we think their negative vibration can touch our positive aura,pull us down,we can exchange a few words and then stay in our zones to avoid further interactions.In the same way,let us not miss opportunities of mingling with people who are positive!

Being happy in other’s happiness is a complex healer. Only thinking about others without considering our well-being may affect our physical and emotional health. Being too selfless or too selfish is taxing,striking a balance helps.

Everything has it’s own power,be it law of attraction, positive psychology, counselling, psychotherapy and reiki. But the least that we can do is take care of our thoughts and actions. Even if we cannot be positive in every situation, a negative bent of mind always leads of unproductive behaviour and actions.

A clean mind and a pure soul helps us to win every battle. Controlling others’ actions and vibes may not be in our hands but taking care of our vibes certainly is. Let us do things that we like, we should eat well, sleep well, engage in productive activities and vibrate at high frequencies and lead a wonderful life!