‘Nature heals from within’. This is a true saying since Nature has a deep impact on one’s mental health. Call it a saviour or man’s good friend, it has the capacity to work on stressed minds and heal them.

The problem is, being a part of the concrete jungle and leading a mechanical life amidst deadlines and gadgets, it is not always possible for us to enjoy the benefits of nature. If in any way, we take out some time for ourselves and bask in the positivity of a natural setting, we feel de – stressed.

The reasons behind this is, plants contain phytoncides – which when touched soothes our minds and helps to reduce stress. Waterfalls, rivers, trees discharge negatively charged ions which again helps in stress reduction. This is the reason we feel good when we sit by the river or view something beautiful on nature’s lap. A particular microbe in soil too helps us to feel relaxed when touched. Hence, gardening along with other activities has a positive effect on tired minds. ‘Earthing’ , that is, walking on the grass with bare foot (for sometime) is also helpful.

In Japan, forest bathing or ‘shinrin yoku’ is said to be an important part of the lives of the people through which they enjoy the beauty of nature, engage their minds in creative things and also relax themselves in spite of having busy lives.
This nature therapy if practiced at regular intervals brings good results. Taking out time becomes a very big factor but if we have enough time for gadgets, socializing and other activities – we can take out some time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Simply looking at the sun, or the moon, or sky gazing and bird watching for a few minutes can create magic ! If compared, early man was happier because he interacted more with nature and had less stress. So instead of blaming our schedule and lifestyle, we can find a permanent solutions to our problems like stress and anxiety.

So let us pledge to get back to nature, ofcourse at our own convenience. If the Universe has so much to offer , let us make use of it to heal ourselves. Instead of only clicking pictures of mountains and seas, we can use all our senses to feel the power and beauty of nature when we are in such a setting and then click them to capture their beauty forever. It will surely make a difference. Nature can keep mental health issues away if we start spending little time in it and with it. Mental health needs care and if we take it seriously, we will have better lives.