We all know that facing any kind of problem is a part of our life and most of the times they are curable since the solution lies within us. We feel that the way we grew up, all our talents and support, our genetic predisposition is enough to allow us to settle things in our lives. So when meditation, yoga self help books, friends and family are available and accessible, why do we need to be counselled?
The concept of counselling is gaining importance in a world full of mental health issues and relationship discord but still there are times where people think ‘Will it help?’
Well the answer is, ofcourse it will. An urge to attend the session with faith when it comes to the therapist is a workable combination. Mostly therapists follow Client-centered therapy introduced by Carl Rogers. The counsellee is of utmost importance during the session. The therapist is non-judgemental and emphatic. Counselling is certainly not about providing solutions or advising but through the session it surely de-tangles the knots helping the counsellee to see desirable changes and in reaching the goal.
Everyone has the right to be happy. The counsellor is more of a catalyst. Many a times, just venting out during the session leads to some kind of relief. Counselling does not involve medicine where many people take counsellors to be doctors or other professionals. It is a talk therapy and after a few sessions  the counsellee can feel the changes. Counselling is not magic or an over night process.
Mental health is prioritised during counselling. There are many people who have not been entrapped in the society’s misinterpretation of the concept of counselling and avail services in a comfortable way. The more the taboo fades away, the easier things become. Recently, Indian movies and books written by various writers have also shown that counselling saves various people, situations and relationships in different ways. Counselling has its own role like any antidepressants or antibiotic pill has. The issues that are discussed are completely confidential. The counsellor is not a more sorted individual or levels apart from the counsellee. It is just that he or she is certified or trained to help others.
If one avails counselling services, follows every thing, a positive approach towards life is developed which helps the counsellee in the long run.