Ankhee’s writing for help to overcoming depression, anxiety and related illnesses.

Why Counselling??

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We all know that facing any kind of problem is a part of our life and most of the times they are curable since the solution lies within us. We feel that the way we grew up, all our talents and support, our genetic predisposition is enough to allow us [...]

Dealing with Negative Vibes and inviting Positivity

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When I was small, my grandmother told me about evil eye and being struck by it. Decades later I realized that she was talking about negative vibrations. Our surrounding has both positive and negative vibrations. We ourselves carry them,we emit them. We vibrate at a high frequency when we are [...]

Social Isolation

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We believe that man is a social animal -an integral part of the social structure. The society he is a part of (along with other factors) has a lot of influence on his thought process, value system and lifestyle. Some people who care little about the society and the harmonious [...]

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